[spambayes-dev] Baffling new Outlook SB dialog problem

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 22:47:59 CEST 2005

Wondering whether anyone else has seen this:  I noticed today that the
file-choosers in my OL 2003 SB "just stopped working".  SB still
filters fine (well ... see below), and there are no odd messages in a
PythonWin Trace Collector debug window.

"Stopped working" means, for example:  I go to the SB manager
Filtering tab and click on "Browse..." next to "Filter the following
folders as messages arrive".  A tree control pops up displaying all my
top-level .pst files (I have about a dozen).  All the folders are
shown collapsed, and the topmost folder is highlighted.  Clicking on
the "+" to the left of a folder icon has no visible effect -- the
folder remains collapsed.  So it's impossible to navigate to any
subfolder from any of the top-level folders, so impossible to change
the selection.

AFAICT, all folder-choosing dialogs are broken in exactly the same
way:  which folders to watch, which folder get unsures, which folder
gets spam, which folder gets ham, which folders hold spam training
data, which hold ham training data, and which folders to filter in the
"Filter Now" dialog.  Outlook's own folder tree controls are working

I hadn't made any changes to Python 2.3.5, SpamBayes, or the pywin32
installation (build 204) for weeks, so I don't have a clue.

Things I tried that didn't help (I'm running from source, BTW):

- Deleting all my .pycs.
- Updating to current CVS SB code.
- Uninstalling then reinstalling pywin32.
- Rebooting the box.
- Rebuilding the database from scratch.
- Deleting the SB Outnew.ini.

That last step was a mistake -- it wiped out all my folder selections,
and now my SB has no folders configured and no way to *re*configure
them {since the tree controls don't respond).  All the other manager
controls seem fine (bottons, checkboxes, sliders, ...).

If I create a brand new subfolder in one of these dialogs (select a
top-level folder, then click "New folder"), then clicking on the "+"
_does_ expand and collapse the top-level folder, but shows only the
new folder(s) I created (it doesn't show any of the pre-existing
subfolders).  That also puts the dialog into a state where it can't be
closed (clicking on OK or Cancel has no effect, ditto clicking on the
upper-right X, ditto hitting Alt+F4 while the dialog has focus).

The only other thing I can think of is that I probably hadn't _tried_
to use a folder dialog since before Wednesday, when Windows Update
installed a pile of new "security fixes" (Win XP Pro SP2).  I sure
hope that's not it.

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