[spambayes-dev] Baffling new Outlook SB dialog problem

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Jun 21 05:25:12 CEST 2005

> [Tim]
> >>> Wondering whether anyone else has seen this:  I noticed
> >>> today that the file-choosers in my OL 2003 SB "just
> stopped working".
> [Tony]
> >> They're broken here (OL 2002), too.  No idea since when
> >> (can't even remember the last time I used those controls).  I
> >> suspect that means that either Kenny or I broke them at some point.
> [Tony]
> > Or maybe *Mark* broke them :)  The code is calling the
> > [win32gui.SendMessage] function (to insert the items into
> > the list) fine,
> > so I went back to an old pywin32 (201, picked somewhat at
> > random) and it
> > works fine.

Yes, pywin32-204 fixed a very silly bug in pywin32 - commctrl.py had a
rediculous value for a constant called PY_0U (instead of the zero it
obviously should be).

This line in Outlook2000\dialogs\FolderSelector.py was to blame:

<         code += 0x4f0000 # hrm - wtf - commctrl uses this, and it works
with mfc.  *sigh*

I have checked in a fix for this:

>         code += commctrl.PY_0U # work around silly old pywin32 bug

Which will work in all pywin32 versions (the line could be omitted for 204+
as PY_0U is now correctly zero).  I even remember writing that line and
being frustrated at not being able to find the reason - an incorrect
constant in a .py file didn't cross my mind :)

I actually did have a quick look at SpamBayes looking for the code impacted
by this change.  Sadly I got sidetracked and never got back to it - my

BTW, the latest version is looking very impressive indeed (although it
appears to have lost my previous training data).  Congrats everyone!


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