[spambayes-dev] 2 types of spam

Michael Murdock michaelmurdock at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 08:35:16 CEST 2005

 One feature that seems to be missing from Spambayes - and other spam
> checkers is the ability to distinguish & then sort unwanted spam from
> wanted
> spam. Unwanted being the stuff I know I never want to look at eg Viagra
> adverts, Cheap USA mortgage offers, Nigerian business opportunities etc
> etc. Wanted spam is the stuff I do check from time to time eg
> Lastminute.com <http://Lastminute.com>
> offers, Misco catalogues etc.
> Any chance of offering such a facility. It would seem that you have all
> the
> basic tools to make it happen.

 The first type of email that you describe is spam. The second type
of email is unsolicited. But this doesn't make it spam, since you
don't mind receiving it.
 In principle, you should be able to train the models on the first type
of email, by calling it spam. And on the second type of email you
train the models to accept it by calling it ham. Presumably, and with
enough examples, SpamBayes should learn, at least somewhat, to
mark as spam the nigerian biz opportunities and mark as ham the
LastMinute.com offers. So I guess my uneducated answer is that
you are right: SpamBayes does have all the basic tools to make it
happen - it's all about the training.
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