[spambayes-dev] Default storage backend

skip@pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sun Oct 30 16:44:11 CET 2005

    Jeff> On unix, my two setups are:
    Jeff> 1. A higher-volume setting (ca 1000 messages/day) 
    Jeff> 2. A lower-volume setting (ca 100 messages/day)

I use only a single writer and handle the high volume (1000-2000
messages/day is probably about right for me) in a couple ways.  First, I use
sb_bnclient.  Second, I always retrain from scratch, training into a new
database that is then mv'd into place.  Third, I export that database and
copy it to my higher performance mail server, where a similar setup uses
that database to skim off the most egregious spam first, allowing the rest
to be transferred to my laptop.


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