[spambayes-dev] 1.1a2: Does anyone have Outlook 2000 handy?

Tony Meyer tony.meyer at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 03:50:46 CEST 2006

[Tony Meyer]
>> Is there
>> anyone that does that would either build the binary for me or provide
>> me with the typelib files?
> Sure!  What version of Python are you using these days?  Anything  
> else I
> need to do other than update CVS and turn the crank?

Nope.  Just running setup_all.py should be enough, and then send  
(email is fine) me a zip of the dist folder and I can do the update- 
docs and Inno stuff.  If you want to do all of that as well and just  
upload/email the install .exe then there's instructions (presumably  
still correct :) in README-DEVEL.txt.

> I'm not sure sending you the typelibs would work.  What might make  
> sense
> would be to tweak things such that the generated .py file could be
> specified, and arrange for you to get a copy of that.  However,  
> py2exe would
> need tweaking for that to happen...

I thought I recalled seeing a message from someone (Kenny Pitt?)  
indicating that the typelib method did work, but that was a *long*  
time back, and I wasn't paying that much attention.

Although it would be convenient for this to be possible (including  
for other py2exe+COM projects, I presume), I presume that your/ 
Thomas's/etc time is better spent elsewhere.  By the time no-one has  
Outlook 2000 available, maybe we can drop support for it ;)



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