[spambayes-dev] How about a 1.1a3 release?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun Aug 20 11:08:13 CEST 2006

[Building a 1.1a3 binary]
> I'm happy to turn that crank - just say the word (and let me know  
> which of
> those cranks you prefer)

Great.  Skip - just tell Mark when you feel everything is ready, and  
Mark can (cvs-up and) run setup_all.py, compress the resulting dist  
folder, and send that to me via FTP (details offlist).

>> Alternatively, we could do a Windows build with Outlook 2002 and see
>> how much complaining there is ;)
> I'm still on Office-2k - although I expect that to change shortly -  
> so this
> may well be the last release I can simply make using outlook 2000.

Alternatively, we could drop OL2K support for 1.1, at least for now,  
and see if anyone complains (and if they do, they can maybe volunteer  
the price of a 2nd-hand copy of Office-2k <0.5 wink>).


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