[spambayes-dev] How about a 1.1a3 release?

Seth Goodman sethg at GoodmanAssociates.com
Mon Aug 21 01:56:41 CEST 2006

On  -0500, Tony Meyer wrote:

> > > Alternatively, we could do a Windows build with Outlook 2002
> > > and see how much complaining there is ;)
> >
> > I'm still on Office-2k - although I expect that to change shortly
> > - so this may well be the last release I can simply make using
> > outlook 2000.
> Alternatively, we could drop OL2K support for 1.1, at least for now,
> and see if anyone complains (and if they do, they can maybe
> volunteer the price of a 2nd-hand copy of Office-2k <0.5 wink>).

I'm still stuck on Win2K/Office2K for quite a while, yet.  I'd be
willing to obtain a copy of Outlook2K for someone.  Does this mean
shipping to NZ?

Seth Goodman
not in NZ

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