[spambayes-dev] How about a 1.1a3 release?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Mon Aug 21 16:07:36 CEST 2006

    >> I'm happy to turn that crank - just say the word (and let me know
    >> which of those cranks you prefer)

    Tony> Great.  Skip - just tell Mark when you feel everything is ready,
    Tony> and Mark can (cvs-up and) run setup_all.py, compress the resulting
    Tony> dist folder, and send that to me via FTP (details offlist).

I think we're about ready except for boosting the version info in

    __version__ = "1.1a3"
    __date__ = _("August 2006")

Feel free to turn the crank.  I agree that trying a build on a more recent
version of Outlook would be a good idea.  For testing purposes that probably
opens up the pool of potential release builders a bit.  When we near a final
release, if OL2K is still deemed desirable, we can cut a release that
supports it.


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