[spambayes-dev] Latest CVS update, Ocrad for Windows

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Aug 24 08:18:11 CEST 2006

>> I don't know what to do given that Outlook shreds email so  
>> completely.
>> Maybe this stuff can only be tested on Unix-y machines.  Maybe the
>> image analysis code won't even work because there's no such thing  
>> as an
>> attachment with MIME content-type image/*... in Outlook.
> I can manage all of that.  What I need to know is in what format  
> your Ham
> and Spam directories are.

They're RFC2822.  So for mail in a .pst, presumably the job (of  
export_messages.py) would be to get the attachments and insert them  
into the messages (encoded in base64 or whatever) with the  
appropriate headers.  I planned to write code to do this at some  
point last year, but don't recall getting around to it (and then I  
switched to Mail as my main email client).

> hrm - so maybe they *are* just the complete dump of the message  
> including
> the encoded image data and mime boundaries etc

Yup.  Is that accessible in Outlook?  I had the feeling it wasn't.   
If you can get the attachments then it's easy enough to use the email  
package to build up the message with those and the plain text.


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