[spambayes-dev] FAQ 6.5

Geo. bargeo at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 06:01:51 CET 2006

"FAQ 6.5   Why can't I bounce spam back to the sender?"

The reasons you give are of course perfectly valid. However, to my mind the most obvious reason for not bouncing spam and one that is seldom acknowledged is the much more important consideration of traffic congestion. The internet is already groaning under the strain of billions of spam messages. If every one of them were to be bounced spam-mail traffic would in effect be doubled and the system would probably be unable to cope. At the very least, it would necessitate a great increase in world-wide server capacity the cost of which would almost certainly be passed on by ISPs to their clients. It is unfortunate that some of your competitors proudly proclaim as a 'feature', the ability of their programme to bounce spam messages. I can only conclude that they are either very shortsighted or irresponsible morons.

Please consider the foregoing purely as comment. It is not intended to be critical of SpamBayes in any way.

Perhaps you could expand the answer to FAQ 6.5 to reflect the above, e.g. something along the lines "In addition, bouncing spam messages simply increases email traffic leading to even further congestion on the internet." might suffice.

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