[spambayes-dev] Integrate SpamBayes into a Win32 application2

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Sep 6 03:18:58 CEST 2006

> I want to integrate SpamBayes into a Win32 application and I
> would like
> to ask your help for it.
> I read about something similar on the internet and there the
> sb_bnfilter
> has been suggested as a solution. I downloaded the sources
> from CVS and
> I tried to compile the C version of the sb_bnfilter but it isn't
> possible because it has several Unix specific C commands,
> which doesn't
> exists under Win32.

I'm not familiar with sb_bnfilter, but I'm fairly sure it is a 'helper
wrapper' for spambayes - it is not necessary for the core spambayes
functions, but used to make life simpler for certain users.

You should read the source to see exactly what it does.

> But before I continue to work with sb_bnfilter I
> would like to get some more inormation about SpamBayes.
> Here are my questions, please answer them:
> 1, first at all what are the main modules of the SpamBayes? In the
> sources I see several files, but I am sure only a few is
> related to the
> main functionality and the rest is UI or for other things.

The UI and message database are fairly key features - but the core of
spambayes itself is really the spambayes\tokenizer.py

> 2, what is the architecture of the app? it is a client-server
> application, meaning a server daemon is running in the background and
> one or more clients are connecting to it to request mail scanning
> services? Or it is a stand-alone application, which is loaded
> in memory
> every time when a mail is scanned then is unloaded when it finish?

Please check out the docs.  There are a few ways it operates - one is by
using a "proxy", which is a long-running process that your mail client
connects to instead of the real mail server.  Another is integrated into
outlook, so that also is a long-running process.  There are also scripts to
perform various operations from the command-line, and they tend to perform
what was requested and then terminate.

> 3, what storage is used to save the training informations and
> where is
> it located?

There are a few formats supported - spambayes\storage.py has the

> 4, what is the minimum required source files to have
> Spambayes working?
> Here I mean working without UI and use it in command line, by
> sb_filter.

I don't believe anyone knows the answer to that.  Everyone here is concerned
with making spambayes work as a whole.  There has been no attempt to reduce
it down to the minimum possible.  To look at it another way, what you see
today *is* the minimum possible to support all current and supported uses of
spambayes.  Other apps with different requirements and different feature
sets may well have a smaller set possible.

I hope this helps,


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