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Dear Webmaster,

My name is David and I just wanted to let you know that we have already 
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Your Link details:

<a href="http://www.water-splash.co.uk"> Water Cooler</a> - Plumbed in pure 
chilled filtered water coolers and fountains.

I humbly request you to link back to us with the following details:

Title: Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Desc: A portable air conditioning unit provides the same heating and air 
conditioning as an air conditioning system, however, the quantity or the 
area it cools/heats is smaller and targeted.

URL: http://www.airconditioning-filter.com/portable_air_conditioning.htm

Below is our sites link code:

target="_blank"> Portable Air Conditioning Unit </a> - A portable air 
conditioning unit provides the same heating and air conditioning as an air 
conditioning system, however, the quantity or the area it cools/heats is 
smaller and targeted. </p>

We have adopted this strategy to create one-way link for your and our 
website. One-way links as we reckon help boosts search engine rankings 
better than reciprocal links.

If you wish to have your details changed, we would be interested in 
modification as per you requirements. The link will be active for 10 
business days till you place a link back to our site. Once you add our link, 
your link details will be permanent on our site.

Catagerious: Heating and Air Conditioning, Air Cleaners , Industrial Goods 
and Services, Evaporator Coils, Heat Pumps, Miscellaneous


How do you find my email address?

We found your site through google search and your active links page 
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Are you into SPAMMING?

No way! We are not spammers and are against spamming of any kind. We are 
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No, we believe we are not spamming or invading privacy of anyone. We are 
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Along with that, we are providing every option to move ahead with the link 
exchange or unsubscription.

How can I respond to this email?

You may respond to this mail in three ways:

1. You can choose to place link on your website. Please reply to this email 
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