[spambayes-dev] [imapfilter] saving 1804 with new id: 1209671482

David Abrahams dave at boostpro.com
Thu Jun 26 21:58:22 CEST 2008

skip at pobox.com wrote:
>     Dave> Does anyone know what these messages mean?  It seems like they are
>     Dave> repeated for the same numbers during my tte training cycle, so the
>     Dave> messages aren't really getting re-saved with the new ids?
> The comment in sb_imapfilter.py sort of implies the message id isn't
> available as a unique id for the message, so it's generated its own id.  It
> would indeed appear that the generated id isn't "taking" somehow and it has
> to generate a new one each time.  Is that new id changing every time?  (It
> better be.)
> Digging a little deeper...  We try to get a header matching a couple
> different regular expressions.  If those can't be found, a new id is
> generated and it's set on the message with
>     msg.setId(newid)
> The code for setId in spambayes/message.py looks a little suspect though.
> It sets self.id then calls
>     self.message_info_db.load_msg(self)
> I wonder if maybe it's obliterating the id that was just set?

I have no clue :(

Is there a place I can report this issue in which it'll get addressed?
Is someone responsible for imapfilter, or...?


Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing

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