[spambayes-dev] [Spambayes] FW: =Spambayes= PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL _ IT I S VERYIMPORTANT

Amedee Van Gasse amedee at amedee.be
Mon Jun 30 14:41:20 CEST 2008

On Mon, June 30, 2008 14:28, OConchubhair, Andoni wrote:
> I agree completely. The distress is self-inflicted. Just like when I close
> Microsoft Word accidentally after spending a whole day typing my report
> and
> thereby loose an entire day's work, but I don't because it reminds my
> tired
> head to click 'Save'.
> Fortunately for me, software can easily be written to help with human
> situations. It is one of the over-riding principals of good software
> development that software should be written to suit the human condition
> rather than the humans having to change the way they are to accommodate
> the
> software (or any machine for that matter) hence we have safety guards on
> chain-saws and air-bags in cars.

I'm confused about which software should be changed. Spambayes?
I use the procmail filter at home and the outlook plugin at work, and
neither provide a method for subscribing to the spambayes mailing list.

However you do have one valid point of criticism. The Outlook package
provides a link to a local html page:
There I read the following text:

Send a mail
If all else fails, you may want to send someone a mail. Please make sure
you have read this document thoroughly before doing do.

Your mail should be sent to the SpamBayes mailing list
(spambayes at python.org). Please do not mail any of the contributors
directly! (see "good karma" below).

Please ensure this mail contains:

the version of Windows you are using,
the version of SpamBayes,
any log files.
If you also mention that you read this trouble-shooting guide and are
still stuck, then you will be more likely to get answered! (And if you can
subscribe to this mailing list and help answer other questions, and good
karma will come your way!)

There is no mention about the fact that the mailing list is public on the
local documentation page. So I would rather agree if someone would call
this a "bug" in the documentation. This should be changed as soon as
possible. I'm going to subscribe to the dev-list to request this.

However on the website, near every occurrence I could find of the mailing
list address, it is mentioned that it is a public mailing list. So there I
would respectfully disagree with you if you say that the website should be
changed. (correct me if I'm wrong)


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