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OConchubhair, Andoni Andoni.OConchubhair at fmr.com
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Is it impossible to implement a link on this page? It need not pop-up?

Is it impossible to implement a check-box that must be ticket in order to
click the "Subscribe" button?

If these are impossible then that ends the discussion as far as I am

Mark: I think that text will be helpful. Anything that will help a few more
users to notice this situation will be good. That said, I think we all know
that users often don't ready any of what is written, which is why they are
often forced to click tick-boxes etc. to show they have read T&Cs.

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On Mon, June 30, 2008 14:52, OConchubhair, Andoni wrote:
> The application that needs to be changed is not SpamBayes but rather the
> page where I fill in my email address in order to join the mailing list.

Aha! Finally. A web page.
A web page has a coordinate called an URL that uniquely identifies it, so
that we are all talking about the same thing.

Are you talking about http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/spambayes ?

> On
> that page it has one simple sentence to let the user know that what they
> are
> going to do will disseminate information to the entire internet
> irretrievably. It is IMHO just not enough.
> "Please note that this is a public mailing list: all messages sent to this
> list are visible to the public, and are publicly archived."

What is your suggestion, that does not break internet and web standards,
and that can be implemented inside the existing Mailman mailing list
software version 2.1.10 that is provided to spambayes by python.org?

I'm afraid that the good spambayes-devs are actually quite limited in what
they can do. What you seem to suggest (a popup?) is afaict technically
impossible inside the current mailman framework.

(Spambayes-devs, please correct me if I'm wrong)


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