[spambayes-dev] Broken reference to oe_mailbox?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Jan 27 04:08:56 CET 2009

    Dave> You could always test them with real servers.  It's imperfect but
    Dave> workable.

Richie Hindle contacted me offline and indicated that there are some
server-based tests.  They've not been run in ages, so there are currently
tons of failures.  Rather than inundate the list with the current massively
failing output of

    BAYESCUSTOMIZE= nosetests .

I stuck it on my website:


Hopefully some of the failures are shallow bugs, but I never got involved
with the imap filter and pop3 proxy so I'm not sure.

    >> The core classifier should be fairly well-tested by the daily use it
    >> gets.

    Dave> Except that the %x bug somehow got loose.

Yeah, haven't figured that out out yet.

    >> It was easier to assume that bugs got squashed quickly when there
    >> were several active developers who could operate from the Subversion
    >> repository.  With basically just me as the lone person making any
    >> code changes and running from Subversion there is much less
    >> likelihood of flushing out dumb bugs.

    Dave> If I'd had commit access I'd have been able to nail those two.
    Dave> Probably wouldn't have stopped me from posting as well,
    Dave> though. :-)

    Dave> My SF userid is david_abrahams, should you decide to add me.  I
    Dave> can think of one other person who might also be willing to help.

Done.  Welcome to the pool.

    >> That said, I agree that SpamBayes needs some formal test framework.

    Dave> Well, you could start by just trying to load all the modules ;-)

Checked in as .../spambayes/test/test_basic_import.py

I also have a truckload of small modifications in my sandbox which I hope to
start checking in in the next few days/weeks.  I believe all (or almost all)
are related to dumping Python 2.2 support and creating a central module to
gather version- and platform-dependent imports.


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