[spambayes-dev] Another FAQ for newbies on Spambayes Pop3Proxy

Peter Liepmann PeterL at hvc.RR.com
Tue Aug 10 23:57:02 CEST 2010

After a WindowsXP reinstall, I still had my database set up, Pop3Proxy 
seemed intact, the SpamBayes tray icon was present and appeared to be 
working, I could see my OLD mail, but no NEW mail was being processed, 
and there were no messages as to why.
I changed my Thunderbird account settings to get mail directly from the 
pop-server, then changed back to localhost, did "Get Mail", and NOW I 
was requested my POP3 mail password.  Ba-da-bing!  Mail started 
arriving.  I don't know how/why SB lost the password, but this worked to 
get it back. 

Incidentally, I had installed ThunderBayes++ which also just sat there, 
(=>removed from Thunderbird) so actually I now have a newer version of 
SpamBayes (SpamBayes Proxy Version 1.1b2 (March 6, 2010)) than is 
available at SourceForge  (V1.04)!

4   Using SpamBayes 

TB version (20071031)

broken link on Pop3Proxy page

(Don't know if this is still being maintained)

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