[Spambayes] Re: Interesting behaviour from the Outlook client

David Bolen db3l at fitlinxx.com
Fri Dec 6 16:34:26 2002

"Mark Hammond" <mhammond@skippinet.com.au> writes:

> I think something is broken.  I'm not sure what though :(
> I am seeing bizarre stuff that I can't explain, and don't even know how to
> describe reasonably :(  Eg, recently I saw a clear spam scored as 3%.  The
> spam-clues showed:

For another data point, in case it's related.  I've been seeing
sporadic spams scoring close to 0 although they're clearly spam.  If I
dump the spam clues, it actually shows *S* as 1 and *H* around 1e-6
(so clearly spam) but the Spam field in the message in Outlook still
shows a very low value (sometimes 0%).  If all I do is leave the
message as unread and re-run the filter on unread mail it will rescore
it as 100% and move it to the spam folder.

I'm also occasionally seeing messages fail to show a score in their
Spam column.  It leads me to think that somehow the wrong message is
being operated on at some point and/or the result stored in the wrong

Since bringing up the spam-clues window appears to re-score the
message, it would seem as if the earlier attempt either used the wrong
message for the purpose of scoring (but stored it in the spam message)
or in some other way got out of sync.  It doesn't seem like the
scoring itself is inaccurate.  There is, however, no direct one-to-one
correlation between messages missing a score and these bad spam

A particularly interesting point is that in these cases, I have been
unable to find the affected message listed in the trace window - in
either the case where it happens as new mail when the client is
already running, or as unread mail detected upon client startup.  But
the message has clearly had its spam field updated.

-- David

PS: In what is more surely an Outlook issue, has anyone else had
messages put back to an unread status after they've already been read?
It happens semi-frequently to me (and sometimes correlated with a
failure to update the spam column in the display until I switch out of
and back into the folder).  I'm assuming it's a race condition between
my viewing the message clearing the unread bit and something that the
addin is doing setting it back, but it's tricky to isolate a regular
procedure for reproducing.

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