[Spambayes] Terminology in user documentation: "spam" vs. "junk mail"

Robin Munn rmunn@pobox.com
Fri Nov 1 00:46:00 2002

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When we start writing user documentation, I propose using the term "junk
mail" instead of "spam" and "non-junk mail" (or some other term) instead
of "ham". I believe this will reduce confusion among non-techies who are
encountering spam terminology for the first time. They'll have enough
new ideas to learn trying to install and run a filter, let's not add
jargon to what they have to learn.

Other possibilities:

"junk email" instead of "spam"
"valid email" instead of "ham"

"unwanted email" instead of "spam"
"wanted email" instead of "ham"

[Insert your clever idea here]

Comments, anyone?

Robin Munn <rmunn@pobox.com>
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