[Spambayes] Email client integration -- what's needed?

Tim@mail.powweb.com Tim@mail.powweb.com
Fri Nov 1 03:04:16 2002

Well you're talkin to a Notes user with a HUGE spam problem... hundreds per day.  And to make it worse, corporate users often cannot simply change their 
address to shut off the flow.  You may be right about the corporate versus personal user.  This research really doesn't specify which market they're talking 
about.  I suspect that the lion's share of personal use is through hotmail, yahoo mail, and other web based mailers, or AOL, earthlink, or other specialized 
clients, which are beasts of a different nature...  can we enable these?

So what are we saying here?  I think i'm getting (giving) mixed messages about what/who we should be targeting.  Outlook is expensive, thus mostly 
corporations use it.  There is a lot of research that suggests that corporations have a huge spam problem.  Non-web-based personal use may not be the most 
productive area to enable, but it certainly is a visible segment, and when people at home can deal with spam effectively, they'll take that story to work....

So I propose we enable Outlook, Mozilla (for our OS brethren, which will likely get Netscape, too), have a pop3proxy that can be run locally and easily 
configured to be used by a number of "noise" mailers, and go from there...

- Tim

10/31/2002 8:52:30 PM, "Mark Hammond" <mhammond@skippinet.com.au> wrote:

>> The latest figures that I can find from Microsoft are that
>> Outlook has 57% market share, Notes has 29%, Browser based email
>> is 9%, and the rest is split
>> between cc:Mail, GroupWise, Outlook Express, the Exchange client,
>> and 2% of "Other."  So Outlook is certainly the low hanging fruit
>> here, but Notes is a big
>> client as well.
>This is really for "internet mail", whereas I bet that the figures above are
>"corporate" users.  Most corporate users I have spoken to simply dont have a
>large spam problem - their work address is rarely publically posted to the
>Web, and the corporate internet mail gateway tends to have some rudimentary
>spam filtering anyway.
>Basically, I would be surprised to find many Lotus Notes users with a spam
>> The Notes market will be a bit more difficult to
>> reach, because as a product it is even more closed than
>> Outlook... (imagine that...)
>I find that a strange comment given the integration already achieved with
>Outlook.  From an extensibility point-of-view, Outlook is almost as open as
>I can imagine.
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