[Spambayes] package-ifying spambayes.

Skip Montanaro skip@pobox.com
Fri Nov 1 14:33:10 2002

    Anthony> I'd like to think about turning spambayes into something a
    Anthony> little more suitable for installing (e.g. with setup.py). At
    Anthony> the moment we install directly into site-packages, and with
    Anthony> module names like 'tokenizer', 'Histogram', 'msgs',
    Anthony> 'TestDriver' and 'Options', this is a bit naughty :)

Go for it.  My knowledge of distutils is minimal, at best.  I seem to recall
asking about this awhile ago.  Your structure seems fine to me.

    Anthony> scripts: the current setup.py installs all of the following as
    Anthony> scripts: 
    Anthony> cmp.py        HistToGNU.py   neiltrain.py  splitndirs.py  unheader.py
    Anthony> hammiecli.py  loosecksum.py  rates.py      table.py
    Anthony> hammie.py     mboxcount.py   rebal.py      timcv.py
    Anthony> hammiesrv.py  mboxtest.py    runtest.sh    timtest.py

    Anthony> I'd suggest that the only things that should be installed by
    Anthony> default as scripts are:
    Anthony>   hammiecli.py
    Anthony>   hammiesrv.py
    Anthony>   hammie.py
    Anthony>   neiltrain.py
    Anthony>   neilfilter.py -- but maybe with a better name?
    Anthony>   unheader.py   -- but maybe with a better name?
    Anthony>   pop3proxy.py  -- but maybe with a better name?

I take it you're segregating the script population into stuff which is
generally useful and stuff which is useful only for testing?  Seems
reasonable.  Again, my lack of distutils experience rears its ugly head.  I
think an install_test target mmight be useful (as in "python setup.py
install_test") but don't know how to implement it and was too lazy to figure
it out at the time.