[Spambayes] Email client integration -- what's needed?

Tim@mail.powweb.com Tim@mail.powweb.com
Fri Nov 1 22:11:35 2002

I think you're right about the pop3proxy.  Outlook is done, let that be, and let the proxy handle the rest.  That's what I'm going to try to do shortly here.  I've 
got the Opera mailer on Windoze platform... There's no doubt I can make the proxy work just fine, but I'm not at all sure I can train the classifier.  It seems like 
the training regimen requires spam in the file system, and at least with the Opera mailer, it stuffs mail into a single file with a proprietary format.  There is no 
export function... We'll see how that pans out.

11/1/2002 4:05:48 PM, Tim Peters <tim.one@comcast.net> wrote:

>[Skip Montanaro]
>> That's true, largely because that's what the focus of the initial phase of
>> the project was supposed to be.  Even if it gets no farther than it is
>> today, the process has been highly educational for me, because we have an
>> expert in algorithm design (that'd be Tim) exposing his thought processes
>> and mechanics for the rest of us.
>I'm glad you've found it amusing <wink>.  I'm afraid "think for a second,
>code for a minute, test for a day; repeat 6 times before you get a small
>win" is par for the course when trying to push any decent scheme beyond the
>80/20 rule (each additional 20% improvement requires 80% of all the effort
>that went before).
>> That said, I think the classification stuff has gone about as far as it's
>> going to go.
>Me too.  The classifier is hack-free now, as clean and uncompromising a
>realization of the underlying math as anything can be.  The assumption of
>word independence is a limitation of the approach, though.
>> Future changes to the tokenizer are also likely to be incremental, so
>> the major changes over the next while will be in email integration.
>Yup!  Thanks to Sean and especially Mark lately, the non-Windows platforms
>are a month behind on that too.  It's a curious thing about Windows:
>because it is closed-source, the Windows market is homogenous enough that
>one major effort there can make millions of happy campers.  I still hope
>that the pop3proxy can do that for non-Windows systems too, and that's the
>only advice I can offer:  find a way to use the proxy instead of pursuing
>"deep integration" with unbounded dozens of quirky twenty-user email
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