[Spambayes] Email client integration -- what's needed?

Sean True seant@iname.com
Fri Nov 1 22:55:00 2002

> Yup!  Thanks to Sean and especially Mark lately, the non-Windows platforms
> are a month behind on that too.  It's a curious thing about Windows:
> because it is closed-source, the Windows market is homogenous enough that
> one major effort there can make millions of happy campers.  I still hope
> that the pop3proxy can do that for non-Windows systems too, and that's the
> only advice I can offer:  find a way to use the proxy instead of pursuing
> "deep integration" with unbounded dozens of quirky twenty-user email
> clients.
Mark, mostly. I just complain.

I'd like to second the pop3proxy architecture as the way forward. If it
weren't for the fact that virus scanners weren't already sometimes adding
both pop3 and smtp proxies to the mix on Windows,
I would have pushed (er, whined) in favor of that architecture even for
Outlook. (There is also the problem of how to configure proxies for the case
of multiple pop3 accounts). You can mangle the host, user, and password
together in a horrible looking user name, but it is really a pain.

Nonetheless, it has a relatively clean API, and the same architecture could
be used to proxy SMTP output traffic, catching messages to ham@wherever and
spam@wherever, in order to talk to the training
system. The same code then might run pretty happily on both the client and
the server, depending on the needs of the installation.

-- Sean