[Spambayes] x-hammie-disposition in pop3proxy

Richie Hindle richie@entrian.com
Sat Nov 2 21:03:38 2002

Hi Tim,

> Ok, so Tim says I'm not reading it backwards, Richie says I am...

Some misunderstanding I think - the header means "Is it spam?"  But you're
right, 'Yes' / 'No' is less clear (unless we rename the header to something
that makes it clear) than 'Spam' / 'Ham'.  Have we collectively decided
that 'Ham' is the official word for non-Spam?  Someone pointed out a while
ago that it's a little impolite towards Hormel to imply that Spam is the
opposite of ham... though that might be a little hyper-sensitive.  Someone
else (I should check my references but I'm lazy 8-) suggested that our use
of the word 'Ham' is a useful USP.  I vote for keeping it.

I also agree that the header should have a new name - Hammie was the first
front-end to the spambayes project, and other front-ends have since
inherited the header, which is a bit daft (sorry Neale!).  I'd like to drop
the techie word 'disposition' as well - how about:

X-Spambayes-Judgement: Spam / Unsure / Ham
X-Spambayes-Is-Spam: Yes / Unsure / No
X-Spambayes-Looks-Like-Spam: Yes / Unsure / No

If we're going to change this, we should make sure we get it right first
(albeit second) time.  That includes deciding whether there are optional
extra details that can go into the header, or whether there's an optional
extra header to carry those details.  I think there *should* be optional
extra details, probably in a separate header - it's one of the cool things
about SpamAssassin.  I vote to drop all extra details from the main header,
then decide later on whether there should be an extra header.

We ought to sort this out soon, because more and more people are starting
to use the software, and we're going to affect them all if/when we rename

Richie Hindle