[Spambayes] x-hammie-disposition in pop3proxy

Richie Hindle richie@entrian.com
Sat Nov 2 22:59:30 2002

Hi Van,

> > X-Spambayes-Judgement: Spam / Unsure / Ham
> I know we have a long tradition of spelling errors behind us, such as dropping
> an "R" from "referrer" in Apache logs, but I'd hate to start a new one! Please,
> only one "E" in "judgment."

Is this a British English vs. American English thing?  My Concise Oxford

judgement n. (also judgment) 
  1 the critical faculty; discernment (an error of judgement).
  2 good sense.

listing 'judgement' first and 'judgment' as the variant.  The American
Heritage Dictionary lists 'judgment' first and 'judgement' as the variant.
Princeton's WordNet agrees with the Oxford.  Meriam-Webster agrees with
American Heritage.  My girlfriend (the ultimate authority on most things)
agrees with the Oxford.

I really hate to say this, but we should probably use the common American
spelling (even if it's wrong 8-)

Richie Hindle