[Spambayes] x-hammie-disposition in pop3proxy

T. Alexander Popiel popiel@wolfskeep.com
Sun Nov 3 00:30:53 2002

In message:  <3DC447AB.D64D6CE6@whidbey.com>
             "G. Armour Van Horn" <vanhorn@whidbey.com> writes:
>Richie Hindle wrote:
>> X-Spambayes-Judgement: Spam / Unsure / Ham
>I know we have a long tradition of spelling errors behind us, such as
>dropping an "R" from "referrer" in Apache logs, but I'd hate to start
>a new one! Please, only one "E" in "judgment."

Actually, Merriam-Webster lists both forms as valid.

- Alex