[Spambayes] Spambayes Header Format

Rob Hooft rob@hooft.net
Sun Nov 3 14:00:04 2002

I wrote:

> Other todo items and ideas:
>  - Make the "Yes, Unsure, No" items into Options, keeping the defaults
>    the same as in the past for a few days.
>  - Add the debugging info optionally as X-Spambayes-Info

I just did some of this, and some other plans I had:

  * Added options "header_spam_string", "header_unsure_string",
    "header_ham_string". Defaults are set to "Yes", "Unsure", "No".
  * Added options header_score_digits and header_score_logarithm. The
    first is an integer telling hammie in how many digits it should show
    the score. If the second option is set to "True", scores of 1.00 or
    0.00 are augmented by a logarithmic "one-ness" or "zero-ness" score
    (basically it shows the "number of zeros" or "number of nines" next
    to the score value).
  * Added support for a debugging header using the boolean
    hammie_debug_header option and the string hammie_debug_header_name
  * Changed hammie.py to use all of the new options

Please note that I've tried to make this backward compatible where I 
thought that was essential (hope my thoughts are exhaustive). If the 
pop3 proxy and the outlook plugin are adapted to use the same options as 
hammie, we can change the defaults at any point without breaking the 
interaction (only procmail recipes and other external clients will need 
to be adapted).


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