[Spambayes] Need some clarification on the training database

Tim@mail.powweb.com Tim@mail.powweb.com
Mon Nov 4 03:51:45 2002

Never mind... I figured it out.  Ok, so I have the pop3proxy looking at the training database that my smtpproxy creates when I send it spam and ham via 
redirect, which preserves headers in my mailer.  Unfortunately, it also adds my headers, so I'm training spambayes to recognize mail from myself to myself as 
spam or ham, depending on how many of each i send... ;)

But this isn't a good general solution, because most people use mailers that only offer forward, which may strip off many of the original headers.  It would be a 
simple thing to make the pop3proxy store incoming mails, but this is kinda silly because then the mail may be being stored in three places: the server, the 
mailer, and the pop3proxy.  Another solution might be for the proxy to package up the headers and add them to the mail as an attachment, that the smtpproxy 
could recognize...

All that to say "I'll live to fight tomorrow"

- TimS

11/3/2002 9:04:44 PM, Tim@mail.powweb.com, Stone@mail.powweb.com, Four Stones Expressions <tim@fourstonesExpressions.com> wrote:

>Ok, so help me out... neiltrain does its thing then writes to a cdb.  But hammie appears to expect that the training database be a pickle.  It's not adding up, 
>when I start the pop3proxy pointing at the database I trained using the code I lifted from neiltrain.py, it pukes (of course)... 
>- TimS
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