[Spambayes] Need some clarification on the training database

Brad Morgan B-Morgan@concentric.net
Mon Nov 4 05:17:58 2002

> But this isn't a good general solution, because most people use mailers
that only offer
> forward, which may strip off many of the original headers.  It would be a
> simple thing to make the pop3proxy store incoming mails, but this is kinda
silly because > then the mail may be being stored in three places: the
server, the
> mailer, and the pop3proxy.  Another solution might be for the proxy to
package up the
> headers and add them to the mail as an attachment, that the smtpproxy
> could recognize...

The copy that the pop3proxy keeps doesn't need to be kept long term.  Only
long enough to be told it got something wrong.  After a while, it can clear
its cache under the assumption that no news is good news.

Look at the popfile interface (another Sourceforge project).  They save the
messages and use an HTTP interface to interact with the proxy.  Not a bad