[Spambayes] Email client integration -- what's needed?

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Mon Nov 4 06:37:49 2002

[Sean True]
> I like this idea, with one significant reservation -- I'm now trusting an
> external IMAP mail store with my mail, all 2 GB of it.

You realize that Outlook has a hard 2GB limit on .pst files, right?  They
keep fixing this in service packs whenever a new verion of Outlook comes
out, most recently for Outlook 2002:


"The fix" this time around is to display

   Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server - Receiving' reported error
       (0x8004060C): 'Unknown Error 0x8004060C'

instead of silently refusing to accept new email(!) when 2GB is approached.
For earlier versions of Outlook, MS now makes a tool available that
truncates a too-big .pst file, with no hope of recovering the lost data.
The good news is that they say you can at least start Outlook again then.

> That makes me queasy, a little, and underlines the problematic of
> implementing a mail store, instead of just an MTA.

I expect that Python's "large file" support on Windows is more reliable than
Outlook's (well, the latter is guaranteed to fail in nasty ways, but that's
not what I mean by reliable <wink>).