[Spambayes] counterweight: it really works!

Matt Sergeant msergeant@startechgroup.co.uk
Mon Nov 4 16:37:15 2002

Tim Peters said the following on 04/11/02 16:32:
> [Matt Sergeant, to Rob Hooft]
>>Please don't compare to 4 months old SpamAssassin's. Upgrade if you want
>>to compare. Thanks.
> I expect Rob is typical of single-user SpamAssassin clients, though:  they
> download it once, and watch it deteriorate.  I've seen many other reports of
> that too.  That makes it a fine comparison for people "like that".  This
> codebase doesn't need upgrading, but does need ongoing training on a user's
> own email.  Given that, I dare say it appears to work at least as well for
> spam detection as an up-to-date SA (can't say about my personal email, as I
> don't run SA here; on python.org's list email, I know it works at least as
> well, as we've run controlled tests on that -- but I don't know how often
> GregW upgrades the SA running at python.org).

It's the same though. SA needs constant training too - it just happens 
to occur somewhere other than on your own box, and involve some human 
intervention (though luckily not from the user).