[Spambayes] Email client integration -- what's needed?

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Mon Nov 4 22:14:15 2002

> > AFAIK, Outlook Express has no hooks at all for programmers --
> it's a closed
> How about this?
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/mapi/html/_mapi1book_using
> _message_filtering_to_manage_messages.asp
> I think this is new information released under the DOJ settlement.

This is simply MAPI documentation, and what the existing Outlook plugin is
using.  (Actually, for the "new message" hook we are using the Outlook model
rather than the documentation you pointed at, but it wont be long until we
move to the MAPI system, I bet <wink>).

I don't think the info is DOJ related - my July 2000 MSDN CD has the same

Unfortunately, I see nothing here that indicates this works for Outlook
Express.  If we can use MAPI with Outlook Express, the plugin should not be
hard to port at all.