[Spambayes] Re: Outlook addin - initial impressions

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore@atosorigin.com
Tue Nov 5 16:28:56 2002

> (I hope this works, I'm posting from my work a/c, rather
> than the home one that's subscribed to the list...) 

I see it did - thanks, Mr. Moderator, I've subscribed now :-)
And sorry for the horrible formatting...

Looking again at the notes, I wonder - is the problem of the
"filter" button not being enabled what is referred to as "Filtering
an Exchange Server public store appears to not work."? I was planning
on filtering my inbox, which is indeed on Exchange...

Assuming this is the issue, then can I offer myself as a guinea pig?
Is there anything useful I can do (test scripts I can run, output I
can report) to help diagnose the problem? [OK, so "provide a patch to
fix the problem" is probably more help, but I've not got that far yet


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