[Spambayes] Outlook addin - initial impressions

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Tue Nov 5 21:58:00 2002

> One thing is not right, though. In the dialog for managing the
> filter, the option to automatically run the filters is greyed out
> (as is the "Advanced" button, but I took that as being "no
> advanced options yet"). So I can't set automatic filtering on,
> and I have to manually filter my mail. FWIW, I do have a number
> of rules wizard entries which run to filter out my mailing list
> traffic - I understand that the rules wizard runs first and so
> only mails left by that will get checked by Spambayes, but that's
> OK. I checked the trace output, and saw

> rDialog.py", line 131, in updateControlStatus
>     self.SetDlgItemText(IDC_FILTER_STATUS, filter_status)
> UnboundLocalError: local variable 'filter_status' referenced
> before assignment

> But even fixing that (by setting filter_status to "" at the top
> of the routine) didn't enable the "enable filtering" button. I

The problem would be that the code detected filtering can not be enabled,
but neglected to set the status to indicate why.

A quick check of the code shows there are 2 ways this can happen - if no
"Spam" or "Uncertain" folders are setup in the training dialog.  But if this
is not the case, we should work out what branch is being taken that wants
filtering to be disabled.

I checked in a patch that catches what I found - please see if it fixes your

> Anyway, thanks for the tool - I'm very impressed, even given that
> there are still some rough edges to smooth out.

Thanks!  Hopefully some of the people using this pre-alpha tool will be
willing to pick up the sand-paper <wink>


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