[Spambayes] Outlook addin - initial impressions

Paul Moore lists@morpheus.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 5 21:50:03 2002

"Moore, Paul" <Paul.Moore@atosorigin.com> writes:

> (I hope this works, I'm posting from my work a/c, rather than the home
> one that's subscribed to the list...)

That one got through (thanks, Mr. Moderator!) although I must
apologise for the dreadful formatting... But the followup which I
posted after subscribing doesn't seem to have :-(

But I've got more information since then...

> One thing is not right, though. In the dialog for managing the filter,
> the option to automatically run the filters is greyed out

Specifically, in the add-in manager dialog, the "Enable filtering"
checkbox is greyed out, so I can't enable filtering.

The DB has 82 good and 27 spam, so it's "big enough" to allow
filtering to be enabled (according to the code)

[... pause while Paul fiddles ...]

Ah! I hadn't wanted to move "Possible Spam", so I'd left that option
as "Leave untouched". The code doesn't enable the "enable" checkbox in
that case. But if I change the "Possible Spam" action to move possible
spam to "Inbox", and then reset it to "Untouched", the enable checkbox
is enabled!

So it's not as bad as I thought, but I guess it is a minor bug.


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