[Spambayes] Outlook plugin - training

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore@atosorigin.com
Wed Nov 6 10:08:58 2002

When the Outlook plugin filters mails, it classifies them as either
spam or potential spam, and can put them in appropriate folders.

In the spam/potential spam folders, there is a "Recover from Spam"
button available, and in other folders there is a "Delete as spam"
button. These buttons add the message to the training database as well
as taking the appropriate action.

One thing I don't see, however, is a means of confirming the
classifier's decisions as correct. A "yes, that is spam" button for
the spam folder, and a "yes, that's ham" button in non-spam folders.

As I'm starting from a very small message base, I worry that correct
classifications are still somewhat based on "luck", and training based
on correct decisions would help to increase both my and the
classifier's confidence level.

I can do this by regular retraining, but that has 2 disadvantages:
it's much clumsier than simply clicking on a "clever boy!" button, and
it relies on me not deleting messages until I do a training run. Much
of the ham I get is "read and forget", so I'd rather delete

When I get a chance to dive into the code, I'll see how hard this
would be to implement.


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