[Spambayes] Upgrade problem

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Thu Nov 7 19:54:17 2002

[Just van Rossum]
> Alright, this triggered a feature request in me, which resulted in some
> hacking activity <wink>. The patch below appends training messages to
> one of two mbox files ('_pop3proxyspam.mbox' or '_pop3proxyham.mbox'
> respectively), making it easier to later rebuild the database from
> scratch, while still  being able to train ad hoc with the web interface
> of pop3proxy.py. Good idea?

Yes, and it's another reason to create a dedicated "training class" module,
so that various clients can at least share an *interface* for doing such
stuff (and so that new clients don't have to reinvent these concepts from
scratch each time around).

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