[Spambayes] SMTP proxy questions

Richie Hindle richie@entrian.com
Fri Nov 8 00:17:25 2002

> Also on my list is to commit Tim Stone's SMTP proxy code, possibly after
> integrating it with the pop3proxy (but I need to discuss that with you,
> Tim, after looking in more detail at the code, hopefully tonight).

I've discussed this with Tim S, and he's going off the SMTP proxy idea
while I'm still broadly in favour of it.  What do people think - do
non-Outlook users want to forward messages to 'spam' and 'ham' to train the
system, or use an HTML UI?

The most difficult problem for retraining-by-forwarding is matching the
forwarded message to one from the cache, after Outlook Express has stripped
the headers, top-quoted the users .sig, converted it to HTML and added
fifteen macro viruses.  Any ideas?  Can the tokeniser help?

Or perhaps there's another way.  The only other option I'd thought of was
to add two hyperlinks to the end of the message, "This is spam" and "This
is ham" (in ways that would work for both HTML and plain-text messages, in
both HTML and plain-text email clients).  They'd link to the HTML interface
and tell it the cache ID of the message.  Adding content to emails is way
more intrusive (and difficult) than adding headers.  But no more intrusive
than the .sig that mailman adds.

Richie Hindle

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