[Spambayes] Introducing myself

Anthony Baxter anthony@interlink.com.au
Tue Nov 12 02:33:33 2002

> >Last week Jeremy and Guido here both reported a *very* effective technique:
> >spam was sent to them as replies to mailing-list postings (not this mailing
> >list <wink>) they had made, including a full quote of the msg they had
> >posted.  That was guaranteed to have lots of ham words for them, and the
> >Subject line was the expected "Re:" followed by their own subject line.
> Ouch, that's evil.  Maybe the solution for that is to look at the 
> message and the quotation individually?  But that can be metagamed 
> too.

This is still making the spammers work a lot harder, though, so it's 
not really a bad thing.

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