[Spambayes] Re: Outlook plugin plus Exchange

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Tue Nov 12 04:48:17 2002

> This is utter bollocks :) The question is whether it's Oracle
> that's bollocksed it up, or Outbreak.
> Not a lot that could/should be done here - I guess in _theory_
> email could do something where it tries to parse each multipart
> bit individually, and return the bits that work, but this seems
> like it's way too much work.

I believe the email package should give some consideration to the real world
here.  While creating well-formed messages is clearly mandatory, it is very
frustrating when something exists in the real world, is clearly invalid, but
everything else in the world has no trouble with it.

eg, HTML parsing, when your parser fails on pages that every browser
displays perfectly.  I didn't create the page, but I can see it, and want to
parse it.

> I'm curious why the plugin doesn't fall back to raw message text in
> this case?

And ditto for every other application in the world that may try and use the
email package on such an invalid message?  While I accept that we will fix
the plugin to handle this case, it does seem a shame to not be able to get
*anything* out of the email package when your mail client itself is quite
happy with the message.  Eg, how much smarts do we move back into the
plugin?  Do we try and recover any headers at all? etc.

I am *not* trying to say "outlook is broken, so the email package should
handle it" - but simply something along the lines of "if most mailers could
handle it, we should too".  Outlook *is* broken, and I certainly don't want
the email package to worm around all our problems - but I'm not convinced
the problem above (or indeed most header related errors from this package)
are outlook specific.


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