[Spambayes] Introducing myself

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Tue Nov 12 06:53:33 2002

[Tim Stone]
> Gotcha.  You dudes are on top of things... ;)

It's more that they're on top of us, and won't get off <wink>.

> Wanna do some ocr stuff on referenced jpgs and gifs?  ;;;)  I
> know I know...  bad idea for any of a thousand reasons...

It's a fine idea, if this kind of stuff becomes a problem we can't address
in a cheaper way.  So far, though, this kind of stuff hasn't had any luck
fooling this system.  For example, "jpg" and "gif" appearing in URL
components have high spamprobs, and if the msg just consists of pointing at
images, those high-spamprob gif and jpg tokens become a major part of the
msg's total token count, and kill it.  Assuming the headers didn't kill it

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