[Spambayes] Re: Outlook plugin plus Exchange

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore@atosorigin.com
Tue Nov 12 15:09:09 2002

From: Mark Hammond [mailto:mhammond@skippinet.com.au]
> I believe the email package should give some consideration to the
> real world here.  While creating well-formed messages is clearly
> mandatory, it is very frustrating when something exists in the
> real world, is clearly invalid, but everything else in the world
> has no trouble with it.

Was the problem with duff headers, or invalid MIME sections in the
body? If the latter, there is an option in the email package to not
parse the body - instead of email.message_from_string(data), you can
use email.Parser.Parser().parsestr(data, 1). IIRC, this treats the
body as a single uninterpreted "payload", rather than as structured
MIME parts.

If the problem's with the headers, this won't help, though...


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