[Spambayes] Re: Outlook plugin plus Exchange

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Wed Nov 13 02:09:28 2002

[Mark Hammond]
> Oh, if only it were that easy <wink>.  The good news is that
> however this is fixed, it will also lend itself to a fix for the
> multipart/signed message abomination we are lumped with and I am
> partially stalled on.

[Anthony Baxter]
> Not familiar with that particular one - details?

You don't want to know -- it's an Outlook thing.  Outlook doesn't speak MIME
natively.  Incoming msgs are broken apart and sprayed into any number of
"properties", which latter have nothing to do with MIME.  Usually.  The
plain text part of a msg is usually stored in one property, and the HTML
part in another.  But in the case of a multipart/signed msg both those
"normal body parts" are empty, and the msg body is hiding in yet another
property that's usually otherwise empty.  But it's not just the msg body
hiding there then, it's also some disconnected MIME armor which also
includes the signature part.  Then it starts to get messy <wink>.

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