[Spambayes] CVS Access....

John D. lists@webcrunchers.com
Wed Nov 13 05:29:36 2002

Still trying to get the CVS Library...   I use these following commands....

	# export CVSROOT=anonymous@cvs.spambayes.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/
	# cd /usr
	# cvs -q get -P spambayes

It then prompts me for a password.   I try "anonymous" for password, but it still won't allow me access.

If these are the wrong options for the "cvs" command,  would someone please enlighten me with the right ones?

I assume the "cvs" command gets it,  and puts it into the "/usr/spambayes" directory.    If I'm wrong,  I would like to know how.


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