[Spambayes] Bayes Training

T. Alexander Popiel popiel@wolfskeep.com
Wed Nov 13 23:50:59 2002

In message:  <952VONFAZVMLSQCBSMHCB97C995ROUP.3dd2e1aa@riven>
             <tim@fourstonesExpressions.com> writes:
>It occurs to me that perhaps *outgoing* mail might be a source of ham 
>training.  With the presence of the smtp proxy, we *could* train the database 
>on mail that a user sends, presuming that mail that looks like mail that a 
>person sends is unlikely to be spam...

Not so good, if we're parsing From addresses... one common spammer
tactic is to make the mail appear to be coming from yourself.
Training on a lot of data coming from the user would eliminate
that as a spam clue...

In any case, given the ham:spam ratios recently bandied about,
I don't think there's really a problem finding sufficient ham
from other sources. ;-)

- Alex

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