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richie@entrian.com richie@entrian.com
Thu Nov 14 09:45:59 2002

Hi Andy,

> (I know I can't use OE with SpamBayes.)

You can't use the Outlook pieces, but you can use the POP3 proxy.  You
configure OE to collect mail from localhost rather than your POP3 server,
configure the proxy to connect to your POP3 proxy (see the [pop3proxy]
section of Options.py for what to put into your bayescustomize.ini) and
it then adds an X-Hammie-Disposition: Yes|No|Unsure header to each email.
OE can then be set up to filter on that header.

You can train it via a web interface (http://localhost:8880/ by default)
or on the command line using hammie.  The web interface only allows you
to train it one message at a time at the moment, so you're probably best
using hammie.

Sorry there isn't any better documentation, but it's still early days!

Richie Hindle

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