[Spambayes] Another software in the field

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Fri Nov 15 17:29:55 2002

[Anthony Baxter]
> One thing that suprises me is that there's a seemingly endless list of
> projects all implementing Graham's approach exactly as he originally
> described it - almost no-one else is doing the basic testing and
> research that this sort of approach would seem to cry out for.

Well, coding is fun, and the basic approach works so well at once that
there's instant gratification.  Sound statistical testing is (as the people
here who've played along will surely testify!) tedious, time-consuming,
trap-laden, and ego-deflating (it's not really *fun* when the data tells you
your pet idea sucked, at least not before you've developed a healthy taste
for humiliation <wink>).

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