[Spambayes] Just for fun

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Fri Nov 15 20:57:22 2002

[Rob Hooft]
> So that makes 80 in your classifier....

I left this one out of the training -- the only reason it made it to the
Spambayes list is because I approved it.  SpamAssassin knew darned well it
was spam, but SpamAssassin has been castrated for msgs sent to this list; it
was held for approval just because this list has a members-only posting
policy.  BTW, that's the only "outside" spam I've seen mailed to this list
so far!  On the radio yesterday, a news story reported that the US Federal
Trade Commission did a test, wherein they posted some email addresses on the
web, then timed how long it took for them to receive their first spam:  8
minutes.  Surely they can speed that up <wink>.

> For my one-time-only private-email few-weeks-old too-lazy-to-retrain
> classifier, this message did 0.88 due to the spambayes ham clues....

Good!  I get hundreds of Mailman emails every day thru python.org, so the
python.org + Mailman clues are (I expect) much stronger in my little
database.  It *still* didn't get near my ham_cutoff, though, which is mildly
encouraging (granting that this training strategy is insane).

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