[Spambayes] fix for Outlook 'Spam' field

Piers Haken piersh@friskit.com
Fri Nov 15 21:52:35 2002

First off: I've never been able to get the 'Spam' field in outlook to
work well on my system. It may be something to do with the fact that I'm
using exchange, but I always found that some messages had a rating, some
didn't and invariably the number in the field didn't match the 'show
spam clues' number.

So here's a patch. It does a couple of things:

1) firstly it changes the Class of the 'Spam' field to olPercent, which
I believe is much more appropriate than olCombination. The problem with
olCombination is that you have to manually change the field type in
outlook in order to get anything to show up. With olPercent, the column
shows up with a nice '%' sign which makes it more obvious what the
number actually means.

2) secondly it adds a checkbox 'Update spam scores' to the training
dialog. Checking this box causes the trainer to update the spam field
for ALL messages in your training folders (in a second pass, if
necessary). This means that ALL messages in your inbox have an entry in
that field, not just those that arrived since you installed the plugin.
This was a huge win for me since it allowed me to sort by the spam field
and throw away about 20 spams from my inbox that I had missed during my
initial manual pruning.

The only issue here is that in order for this to work right, you'll have
to manually delete your existing spam fields, restart outlook and then

Also, Mark, you never committed that patch I sent you that fixed the
CompareIDs bug in the FolderSelector dialog. Was there a problem with

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