[Spambayes] Just for fun

Neale Pickett neale@woozle.org
Fri Nov 15 21:40:55 2002

So then, Tim Peters <tim.one@comcast.net> is all like:

> There's a msg to this list being held for moderator approval.  I'm going to
> let it thru.  The subject is
>     Bullet proof bulk email friendly hosting & cheap mass email
> This should be a good test of whether your classifier thinks *everything*
> sent to this list is ham <oink>.

Uhhh, has anyone else noticed that mail to this list has SpamAssassin
headers in it?  I took SA out of my mail path months ago but just
noticed the headers when checking out that spam's headers.

Mightn't SA's score in the message headers bais the results of a later
SpamBayes run?

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